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Ariane Anantaputri


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Ariane Anantaputri is a writer, stand-up comedian, musician and filmmaker currently based between Jakarta, Indonesia and London, England. She graduated the London College of Communication, completing her BA in Film and Television with Honours.

She currently hosts A Drip Town Lemory Mane, a podcast covering 2000s and 2010s nostalgia and pop culture artefacts, co-hosts What About Watermelons?, a podcast surrounding Harry Styles fan culture, and can be heard on The Pod Charles Cinecast’s Patreon discussing all things Fast and Furious.

Her EP Calamity Jane is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio.

Her favourite films include Uncut Gems, Synecdoche, New York, Showgirls, and the Fast and Furious franchise (unfortunately, unironically.)

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