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Jonathan Foster & Ariane Anantaputri

About The Collective

During the height of the 2020 global pandemic, the team from The Pod Charles Cinecast (the official podcast of London's Prince Charles Cinema) grouped together to do what they do best – talk about movies! But soon, with the mental fatigue of watching the world crumble around them, the conversations grew broader and the aspirations to carve out a meaningful existence together grew stronger. Enter THE BREADCRUMBS COLLECTIVE!

The Breadcrumbs Collective is a podcast n̶e̶t̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ family based in London, UK. Officially launched in 2021, the Collective is run by talented individuals from across the world who have the goal of bringing fun and unity to the podcasting world, while showcasing their art and talent to the world. Inspired by the DIY ethos from 1970s-1980s punk rock scene, The Breadcrumbs Collective seeks to grow and support each person and show from the ground up, while aiming to deliver the best content and product directly to the fans.


Our shows are all recorded, produced and edited in house (literally in our houses) and will proudly be supported by fans via Patreon, and without the use of traditional advertisements (though you may hear a fake ad here or there for giggles). We may also have opportunities for listener advertisement spots in products we believe in or that fall into our ethos of supporting the greater community. 

Launching mostly in support of Film Podcasts, the Collective will be home to many genres including Culture, Sport, Music, News and Comedy. We are open to hear podcast pitches, as well as to support the launch of future shows from the community. A seat is always open at the family table...

meet the family


Jonathan Foster

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Ariane Anantaputri

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Petros Patsilivas

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